From domain expertise to secure technology infrastructure our solutions are the right combination of essential components.

Network and data security of client’s documents are the highest priority at Cobra. We work closely with clients to choose appropriate database or review platforms with additional security layers for encryption, folder, and field level security. Additionally, login/password security through RSA cards may also be included for enhanced security.


Network Security

  • Secured VPN connectivity for content sharing  
  • Seamless integration into clients' networks with the highest levels of security and confidentiality  
  • Firewall administrator inspection of network log
  • VLAN to avoid merging of information from one client to another  
  • Unified theft management device to monitor and track all incoming and outgoing packets 
  • Traffic and bandwidth allocation prioritized and controlled at user/application level with QoS monitoring 
  • Mail Security Appliance to control spam mails and viruses 
  • Scheduled and random audits to ensure adherence to principles and procedures

Data Security

Our network and data security policies are full-circle. We use advanced hardware and software technologies at our data center to meet all security standards preferred by clients. We adopt the two- tiered approach to data security, both at database level (liaising with local vendor) and local level (network and PC). Prominent points on data security are:

  • Confidentiality agreement signed by every employee 
  • Data is encrypted or decrypted for maximum security
  • Transmission of data is secured over 128-bit SSL protocols
  • Multiple layers of user I.D. authentication and tracking
  • Usage of USB, CD/DVD drives, Floppy drives, Bluetooth, and optical devices blocked; prompt alert systems in place, incase of any violation
  • Periodic data-back up and monitoring facility
  • Adherence to rigorous password security standards
  • Clear desk and clear work place policy in place; paper is regularly shredded
  • Restricted print access policy
  • Work is executed through Terminal and Citrix servers; Client related information/materials cannot be downloaded

Providing a seamless and secure environment for review and management of client
documents is our top priority

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