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document review

Document Review and Management Solutions

Cobra provides superior document review and management services at attractive costs by combining excellent on-shore and off-shore legal talent. By integrating proven management practices and data management technologies, we reduce the uncertainties and risks associated with large-scale document review projects and provide reliable, consistent and efficient service. Our document review services can be leveraged in a wide range of litigation, investigative, compliance and transactional matters, including:

a) Responsive and Privilege Review of documents in response to litigation or governmental inquiries, including issue tagging and production of detailed privilege logs;
b) Preliminary Review of documents for pre-litigation assessments and internal investigations;
c) Institutional document management;
d) Due Diligence Review of internal documents in connection with business transactions;
e) Hart-Scott-Rodino Compliance Review for 4(c) filing and Second Requests; and
f) Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Review of internal documents.

We approach every project with the goal of controlling costs without compromising on quality or ethical duties.

Partnership, Supervision & Quality Control

Each engagement begins with individual consultations with experienced litigation and technology professionals. We partner closely with our clients to ensure hands-on supervision and quality control in meeting document review project goals. U.S.-licensed attorneys supervise and train our full-time attorney teams in India to:

a) learn overall project objectives;
b) assess responsiveness and privilege;
c) code documents based on issue designations;
d) follow security and confidentiality requirements; and
e) utilize any necessary data management technologies and equipment.

Our management closely supervises every project to ensure thoroughness and timeliness. We also enable clients to supervise projects by providing regular reports and leveraging available technologies. Cobra provides ready access to our clients globally to address the many issues that arise in a dynamic document review. Quality control is central to every engagement. We employ exacting standards with the goal of exceeding our clients' expectations. Finally, our engagements end as they begin -- with consultations assessing the services provided and the goals met. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more about Cobra's Document Review and Management services.