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Contract Management or Contract Review

Contract Management

Cobra’s contract management services provide continuous assistance to the clients by proactively engaging in the different stages of the contract management cycle. The high quality services provided are bundled with a strategic advantage of providing end-to-end solutions at attractive costs on an on-going basis. Our team of attorneys, who are experienced in diverse business and industrial backgrounds, possess the essential skills to draft, review, analyze, and manage contracts, as well as provide support in such areas as negotiations and administration, regardless of the volume or turnaround requirements.

Cobra’s comprehensive contract management offering includes:

    a) Streamlining the client’s existing processes

    b) Involvement in risk mitigation processes

    c) First-pass drafting & creation of negotiation checklists

    d) Contract redlining, reviewing, and contract administration

    e) Compliances under statutory and regulatory requirements and

    f) Participation in vendor management processes

Cobra’s internal quality control process optimizes efficiency, effectiveness, and process of service rendered to the client. Cobra preserves confidentiality and data security through rigorous policies and procedures that are imbibed in our work culture. Cobra’s effective contract management solutions have in place resourceful qualitative protocols that aim to achieve client satisfaction and continued business relationships.