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Infrastructure - Facility

Cobra Legal Solutions is located in Ascendas IT Park, a modern facility with security at the perimeter of the park (fencing with manned, gated entry points), as well as security within the building (ID checks upon entry and card access to elevator banks). Our offices within this facility are state-of-the-art, including a world class Data Center hosting client data of the highest degree of sensitivity and of a restricted nature. The Center has 2 dedicated ISP links providing "24x7" connectivity to all clients with adequate balancing through load balancer. Given the global time zone to which the office works, there are dedicated voice over IP lines and modern audio-video conferencing facilities. Read more

Infrastructure - Technology

At Cobra, we fully understand the significance of having a secure Technology Infrastructure. Network, data security and confidentiality of our client's documents receive the highest level of consideration by Cobra. We take a holistic approach to IT security through stringent policies on network and data security. We work with our clients to choose a database/review platform that can provide additional layers of security including encryption, folder and field-level security, added login/password security through RSA cards and other measures, if necessary. Read more