Legal services and solutions are supported by strong infrastructure that ensures security & connectivity.

Cobra Legal Solutions not only provides industry-defining legal services, but provides its clients with a world-class data center with the highest degree of sensitivity & security.

At our modern facility, located in Chennai, India, the highest level of security is applied at both entry points and within the building. Two dedicated ISP links provide 24/7 connectivity to all customers with a load balancer for adequate balancing. To support global working time zones, we provide voice over IP lines and sophisticated audio-videoconferencing facilities. Our facilities conform to the highest and most stringent security measures, including ISO 27001 and biometric access, access card, CCTV monitoring, and 24/7 physical security.


Physical Security

  • Security bordering the park (fencing with manned, gated entry points)
  • Security within the building (ID checks upon entry and card access to elevator banks)
  • Security in our offices at single entry point
  • Biometric (thumbprint) access control for access to enter data center. Audit performed to analyze unauthorized access to the data center
  • 16 high resolution CCTVs have been installed inside the data center to monitor any unauthorized access
  • Restricted group access
  • Separate, secure IT control room with card access limited to IT team and senior management
  • Centralized UPS system for data center and workstation
  • Periodic security workshops and regular internal compliance audits
  • Dedicated customer workspace
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans in place

People Security

  • We have the best security and safety measures in place for our employees. Apart from training them on safety policies, regular inspections, periodic safety trainings and related activities are carried out. In brief, our security measures include:
  • Full-time, permanent employees
  • Bi-annual work environment inspection
  • Floor plan with clear directions to exits in place
  • Periodic safety training, i.e. fire drills
  • Adequate training on handling emergency situations
  • Foolproof background verification process for every employee
  • Confidentiality agreements in place with every employee
  • Cell phones, CDs, USB devices, flash drives not permitted in workspace
  • All employees equipped with a copy of the Safety policy hand-out

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