Austin Hosting Facility

Due Diligence

Physical Security

Cobra's hosting sites are renowned for their delivery of excellence and expertise in storage, management and protection of data and network security. Cobra's datacenter facilities in the US are provided by the largest communications and internet backbone providers in the country.

  • Environmental controls include 24 hour A/C power, UPS with emergency diesel generator backup, HVAC, fire detection and suppression linked to the local fire authority and comprehensive security measures.
  • A strict security policy complemented with proximity card readers, hand scanners and video surveillance, chain link fencing and no external windows.
  • Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are provisioned in an N+1 configuration and designed to supply full power to all essential services in the event of a main power failure or fault. Generator systems are configured for auto-start and will start up within 45 seconds of a main grid power failure. Utilizing a fully locked metal cabinet, all servers, switches and routers in the rack are only accessible by cobra personnel.
  • Access is requested by submitting an access request ticket via email to the datacenter’s service desk prior to a visit.
  • Visitors are escorted to the server cabinet through 4 security access points - each is secured by a biometric palm reader and number pad combination with proximity card readers.
  • Once finished, the on-site datacenter service desk is informed and the all visitors are escorted off-site.


  • Users access all their data through an industry standard 2048 bit encrypted SSL connection secured with an SSL certificate.
  • To login to the review portal, clients use a username and password.
  • The portal is protected by the latest firewall and intrusion prevention (IDS / IPV) technology.
  • All alerts and incidents are analyzed and corrective actions taken, if necessary.
  • Cobra India office sites are linked and secured via dedicated IPSec VPN connections, with built-in high availability in mind to allow for fault tolerance and redundancy.
  • Risk assessment and audits are performed and documented on a regular basis.
  • System updates are applied on a monthly basis after testing, and antivirus updates are applied on a daily basis.

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