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company history

Company History

Cobra Legal Solutions LLC did not originate in the hallowed halls of America's or India's major business or law schools. Its founding is more interesting and intensely personal; yet, still a product of the dynamics of globalization.

In 1999, John and Becky Douglas tragically lost their daughter, Amber. When John and Becky went through Amber's personal effects, they discovered that Amber had been sending a portion of her college allowance to an orphanage in India. As a tribute to Amber, Becky later traveled to India. She was so moved by the needs of the people that Becky organized a group of friends and started a charitable organization called Rising Star Outreach. Rising Star provides medical, educational and economic assistance to the leprosy-affected families and their children in the colonies of Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India. Becky met and later partnered with Padma Venkatraman, the daughter of a former President of India. Together, Becky and Padma established micro-lending programs in addition to ongoing assistance programs in Tamil Nadu and extended their reach to the fishing villages affected by the 2004 Tsunami. Rising Star relocated its hostel and school during 2007 to a new 13.5 acre facility near Chennai, India, which will ultimately house 300 children and educate 800 children.

As a result of Rising Star, Becky brought the issues of the leprosy-affected people to the attention of her friends. One, Cantwell Muckenfuss, went to India to work with the children from the colonies to complete his service obligation for high school. His mother, Angela Lancaster, joined him. Angela and Cantwell shared Becky's love for the children. They also, through Rising Star, became good friends with Mohan Subramanyam and his wife Meena Mohan. Mohan is the CEO of Kumaran Systems, an information technology services company based in Chennai with offices in the U.S. and Canada. Mohan and Meena's daughters, Manju and Swathi, also volunteered at Rising Star. Through these relationships, the group came together in an enterprise centered on children that demanded the love and attention of people from all over the world.

Contemporaneously, John, Mohan and Cantwell's father, Chuck, began discussing globalization and India's increasingly important role in the world economy -- just as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was writing "The World is Flat". Each recognized the tremendous opportunities associated with pairing the needs of corporate law departments with the intellect and talent of Indian-trained lawyers using modern technology. After extensive analysis of the legal needs of global corporations and law departments and resources in India, the core approach of Cobra was developed: Combine world-class processes, procedures and controls, excellent and motivated Indian attorneys and U.S.-trained personnel on both sides of the ocean.

It was easy to pull together the founding group for Cobra. Each of the founders is convinced that the Cobra model provides the framework for reshaping the legal profession dramatically. With their large firm backgrounds, they understand the importance of excellence. With their sensitivity to client needs, they understand the need for delivering that quality at an attractive price. Each believes that the Cobra model meets a compelling need in a manner that assures quality and timeliness.

The desire of this group of people to be responsible global citizens, to revolutionize the delivery of legal support services and to explore the dynamics of globalization resulted in the formation of Cobra Legal Solutions LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, in 2007.